The New Nothing.

Vereniging De Vereniging roughly translates from Dutch as The Associative Association. There is never a set description of what The Associative Association exactly is. It moves on the brink between almost nothing and indeed something..
The association is almost nothing outside itself. There is no common sport, we don’t practise shared hobbies, we don’t share religion, there are no social demands, we seek no profits, we have no ecological ambitions. The association’s only goal is of infra-ordinary nature. It’s an endotic experiment of members; an abstract crowd; an intrinsic collective that explores and practises solely the full spectrum of the phenomenon it is. Many urgent matters pass The Associative Association untouched, but what is taken seriously at all times is the desire of being an association.

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Membership comes with no obligations and contribution is any form (money, materials, time or other human capital) is voluntary. Members will receive a laminated membership card. Membership may be terminated at any time.

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“It’s a great crowd, the Feyenoord crowd. It doens’t really care about soccer. It purely goes there because of Feyenoord.”
- René van der Gijp
“A person attending a sermon, would be deeply convinced that his main interest was the sermon and he would be surprised and possibly even outraged if someone would have stated that it was in fact the great number of fellow attendees that gave him more satisfaction than the sermon itself.” – Elias Canetti
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Report of the General Meeting #1
2 may 2015
(in Dutch only, but with pics)